Special Notices August Meeting

Steve Heap, Making Money with stock photography




Steve Heap, photographer and author, To Discuss How to MAKE MONEY in Stock Photography

Ever thought about how to make money on your photography portfolio-- how to make this expensive hobby help cover some costs? That’s what our August speaker, Steve Heap, will be discussing.  Steve is a very good photographer.  But he is also a talented businessman.

           So, about 10 years ago, he looked at his portfolio and wondered, as we all do, whether he could do anything with those images besides filling up his hard drive. As a result, Steve started an adventure in trying to sell his travel and still-life photos to initially support the purchase of new equipment.

           Over the years though, it developed from a hobby into more of a part-time business, and Steve will share with us how he got started in stock photography, what the pitfalls are, and what he has learned along the way as he has developed his skills (and earnings!).

After becoming excited with his early sales, he focused more effort on taking images specifically for sale and then wrote his first book to help others follow in his footsteps in 2011. Now on its fourth edition, it still is one of the most popular books in its genre on Amazon.

           Steve has spent much of his life focused in technical and engineering roles in the telecoms industry but used photography to keep his creative side alive. Starting with a Russian made Zenith camera back in the seventies, he spent time developing his black and white and then color transparencies in a makeshift darkroom, but the shift to digital in the early years of this century really sparked his interest in trying to create great images.