April Program on Macro Photography


Chris Fedderson www.MacroFinePhotography.com CFedderson@verizon.net


I am a Virginia-based macro and close-up photographer and gather my images while hiking in parks and natural areas here at home and in locations I travel to.  I also enjoy visiting arboretums and botanic gardens to find unusual and exotic subjects.

Unusual compositions, intricate textures, repeating patterns, visual rhythms, and the inherent emotion, all capture my attention. Discovering these elements — often hidden in plain view — is what drives me to explore the up-close-and-personal side of our natural surroundings.

Capturing a “perfect” image is only half of a photographer’s job… the second half involves bringing that image beyond the pixel stage and into a tangible form which may be shared and appreciated by viewers. This means it needs to be printed and hung so viewers may come up close or draw back or view it from the side or concentrate on only a small part or appreciate it from the long view.

I have been printing, matting, and framing my work for many years now, and have recently been experimenting with dye sublimation on aluminum. This presentation is not only bold, vibrant, and dynamic in its nature, but it also lends itself to an endless variety of “sculpting” possibilities. I’ve been working with multi-panel pieces; diptychs, triptychs, multi-tychs; adding sculptural elements onto the face of the print; and combining several components of varied sizes and shapes into a single piece. Perhaps my boldest experiment so far involves actually weaving aluminum strips into a single unit!